Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Day

...has been a bit crap.  Not seriously crap.  But crap enough.  I've been caught up in kitchen/floorboard issues, but I've already bleeted on enough about this.  And I've had a day where I wasn't really that focused.  Sure I got about like normal but I just wasn't really there.  And this became apparent when I tailgated someone out of the mall and then had what would have to be my closest ever brush with a car accident ever.  I swear I was a hair's distance from the unsuspecting blue car in front of me.  And only minutes later, when attempting to cross a busy road, I ran out in front of a car (and it beeped at me which always unnerves me more).  Once I'd got across the other side of the road, I stubbed my toe badly on some floor boards I was looking at.  And it bled (I was wearing thongs, gotta love Sydney in winter!). Time to go home.
And when I got home, fate intervened and I read this excellent post on Sarah Wilson's excellent blog.  Sarah blogs about quirky stuff to help improve your life inside and out.  She always seems to get it right.  And today she did get it right for me.  Her post here (and please, please click on this link and have a read) is all about having a mental checkpoint to ask yourself "Am I ready" and engaging totally into what you're about to do, whether it be exiting a mall, driving, crossing a road (or walking around floorboard displays).  It's about being in the moment, physically, mentally, emotionally by asking yourself three simple questions "Am I ready".

Are you ready?

Postscript (that really is a little ironic):
Today is an "all about Smith" day - my little guy starts school next year and I've got to embrace any minute alone I have.  So what did I do?  I didn't actually ask myself if I was ready for our day, and loe and behold, I start blogging.  On this post.  When i should have been absorbed in my time with him.  Hmmm, I can only get better at this.

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