Monday, August 2, 2010

Road Rage

I'm a bit of a closet road rager.  I have a kind of hand gesture I use as if to say "what the?" when someone does something that makes me feel indignant.  And normally this hand gesture that usually is unseen by anyone apart from me and possibly the boys if they're in the car.  Like I say, a 'closet" road rager.
But over the last couple of days I've had a few incidents that have threatened to out me.  Firstly I mentioned here how I'd had an incident in a carpark.  Fessing up, what actually happened was a wee bit of latent road rage.  Being stuck behind a large van that had no idea where it was going or what it was doing and then took forever to find it's parking ticket (and I could see the driver was on their phone), as soon as they were through the pay booth, I accelerated after them as if to say "look how angry/late you've made me!".  Of course they had no idea but I was brought to my senses when the bar hit the roof of my car as I drove through without putting my ticket in.  I'm officially a tailgater and am waiting for a letter from the mall/police to confirm this.

My second incident was on Saturday when running late for a kids birthday party, I got stuck behind a car at a busy (and slow) intersection which proceeded to stall when we finally got our green light.  I could see a phone again and what looked like young girls laughing.  Fine, I thought, and zoomed into the lane beside them so I could drag them off when the light went green again. (just so you know that I'm not actually proud of what I'm writing here!).  I looked down at the girls from my car and kind of just shook my head at them.  They watched me do this, and started laughing at me.  So I shook my head (in what I hoped was disgust) some more, this time while watching straight ahead.  To my horror, I heard their car door open.  Shite!  They were coming to get me!  Jaysus, after all these years of hand gesturing, head shaking, and drag racing at traffic lights, I was finally getting my comeuppance.   That will bloody learn me!
But no, they were changing seats, not coming to get me.

You'd think I would have learnt?  Nup.
Yesterday I had a scary incident.  We live in a culdesac by a busy'ish intersection.  Often people going through the intersection don't look in the culdesac's direction, just the other way, then accelerate through.  I tend to creep out into this intersection as I've had a few brushes of this happening.  And I'm always very self righteous.  The fault is actually never mine.  And this happened yesterday, except this time it was way too close for comfort and way too close to Smith's door.  A ute drove through the intersection as I was driving across it and didn't stop.  I'm always very vigilant and was watching this happening.  If I hadn't sat on the horn, he absolutely would have hit me.  I almost cried I was that blimmin shaken.  And he had the nerve to abuse me with hand gestures.  So in a fit of fury at the injustice of this,  I stopped my car.  And got out.  What the?  He'd long accelerated away by now, which was a good thing.  Because what was I planning on doing?

Next thing I know, I'll be popping of to Bunnings for a crow bar!
Like I say, I'm not proud of myself But I was in the right on this one!

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