Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 65

I am always in search of that new miracle cure for my hair.  The one that will eliminate frizz and create that tousled beach hair look (now I actually sound like the blurb on the bottle of one of the miracle cures I regularly buy).  We always want what we haven't got, right?
I have simple needs -

no birdsnest,

just crisp defined curls.

I'd love that sleek kind of look with hair that shimmys as you move.  The kind of hair that you don't find stuff accidently in.  The kind of hair that can be brushed.

And you know what...I could get that with a chemical peel or chemical something, but if god gave me curls/birdsnest/frizz then that's what I should embrace.  I kind of believe that if you muck with nature then somewhere, someone with a big ledger will go "righto, she messed with her hair, time for us to teach her a lesson", and voila, next morning, hair is no longer on the head but instead all over the pillow.

So remember my incredibly traumatic/expensive hair experience, where my "colour consultant'ist" had raved about the virtues and potentially miracle qualities of a new super product.  Of course my interest was piqued, but by the time I had been hit with the final "invoice", there was no budget surplus for extra invoice items.

However three days later, when at the local tres basic salon, getting the three boys hair cut (ok, so you can see the salon now right?), on the counter beside the miniature water feature, was the very same wunder-product the other salon had tried to sell me.  And this no doubt was priced at tres basic salon prices.

So of course I brought some.  So what is it?

What's the buzz about Moroccanoil and is it as good as they say it is?

an ultra-light formula which restores shine, strengthens the hair and conditions. (hmm, ok, so my Sunsilk conditioner rrp$3.75 promises that too)

So here's the scientificky reasons why Moroccan Oil is supposedly so good....

1. Argan oil (Moroccan Oil’s key ingredient) is a UV protector and powerful antioxidant.  Protection and hot hair?  Yes please!
2. It’s also rich in Vitamin F (Omega 6), Vitamin A (for more elasticity – less dry hair), Vitamin E to protect from free radicals and Phenols (shielding enviro stressors).
3. The results are lightweight and non-oily in texture.
4. The oil nourishes your scalp and promotes healing so it’s great for those with dandruff or flakey scalps.
5. You need the tiniest size to get max results.
6. It instantly dissolves into your hair without leaving residue.
7. Moroccan Oil cuts blow-dry time in half!
8. Argan oil is harvested under a fair-trade program, providing economic support to thousands of families in the Souss-Massa region of Morocco.

Moroccan oils have been produced for many centuries. Initially, its composition and ingredients were kept secret, and were passed from one generation to another. Back then, the distribution of the Moroccan oils was kept local, and very small quantities were left for exportation. Today Moroccan oil is a multinational trademark, and a leader in hair-care and styling products, given the scale of its benefits.

Also while I'm bleeting about fluff, here's some more positives about my Magic-Moroccan-Oil - it's in Tiffany blue packaging!

Tomorrow I PROMISE there will be a more challenging learning than um, hair products.  I'm a little ashamed!


  1. You could've had mine Lisa. I got sucked into buying some at an exxy salon last time I went. Course my hair is v fine and very dull/flat/boring and Moroccan Oil just makes it more so. lol

  2. Embrace the nest, Sister - after all given the amount of hair our mother & her sisters had in their mid forties, you should be giving thanks to God!