Thursday, September 23, 2010

Things I am thankful for....

This is unabashedly borrowed off many blogs which do a similar thing.  But I think it's ok to share the love with feel good stuff right....?

Sometimes I get so caught up in my .... moments..that I plain forget to think about all the lovely stuff I should be grateful for.  And then to actually take some time, reflect and be...thankful.

From my previous posts you may have gathered that myself and many of my friends are indirectly affected by one of our gorgeous girl's troubled world at the moment. We have seen how lives can change over the period of an afternoon.  If this isn't going to provide a big old kick up the bum to love life, and to be thankful, and to blimmin appreciate what we've got, then I don't know what will.  Sometimes I'm cruising along merrily, or even not so merrily, and I remember  .... then get donked on the head by a massive slab of Perspective.  None of this crap matters.  What matters is being in the moment, and being thankful, being happy and giving up the love.  And lots of it.
Gad, there are others who have sung this song so much more eloquently, and lets face it, this isn't original thinking.  But fact is... create regular "checkpoints", tune in for a moment and think..."What is it that I can be thankful for" .

Here's my's my Thankful Stuff

My boys are healthy, and so are The Husband and I
My Sister lives in the same country as me
Skype, Facebook, emails, texting and phonecalls were invented
I don't feel my age yet.
I can find my favourite songs on ITunes
Some clever, clever person figured out that if you take two little slices of caramel and jam them together with a little bit of white stuff, then voila, you have a Jersey Caramel.  To that person I will always be grateful
I am surrounded by smart, clever, inspirational people.
The Husband got offered a job in Sydney and then managed to convince me to come and live here.
Summer is coming
My boys are healthy, and so are The Husband and I

What are you thankful for.....?

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