Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When Good Council Cleanups Go Bad

I'm calling this Council Cleanup Karma.  I'm thinking this is payback for my many council cleanup digressions.  I'm sure this has got something to do with the lady who picked up something I'd put out accidently a year or two ago, which I asked her to give back.  She was only doing her christmas shopping she said as she handed a spiderman car back (which I have never seen my boys play with since)
Rafe, Smith and the little boy Jaydin next door, were all playing on our front lawn in the early evening a couple of days ago, I called my guys in for dinner.
The next day Rafe asked for his scooter, I said it was in the garage where it always was.  He said it wasn't.  No concern from me, I had put it in a different spot.  Only it wasn't there.  Slow breath.
"Were you playing with it outside yesterday?", "Yes", "Ok, we'll ask Jaydin's dad when he gets home, he may have put it in their garage".
Rafe just loves to scooter, he was looking concerned.  I was starting to feel it too.
A slow dawn of realisation.
"Was Smith on a scooter too?", (sob) "Yeeeesss".
Gulp.  Smith doesn't own a scooter.  But his 10 year old brother does.  And he'd gone completely ballistic when he'd lost a new cricket glove that morning. It was scary and fascinating to watch!

Now two scooters missing from the garage.
Second slow dawn of realisation.  It's council collection time.  There is crap all over people's front lawns and vans slowly driving the streets.
Those scooters weren't coming back.  The neighbours arrived home, our last hope.  "Have you got the boys scooters, they left them on the grass yesterday", "No", said the neighbour (whose name is either Gavin, Bevan or possibly even Evan) "Jaydin, where is your scooter?".

This morning a sign appeared outside our house, courtesy of Gavin/Bevan/Evan

He's dreaming right?


  1. awwww love the sign! did they ever return??

  2. Nope! Although not for lack of effort from Gavin/Bevan/Evan stalking cars when they drove up our street and approaching then asking if the driver had seen 3 small scooters. I know he got in the dog box Big Time with his wife!