Monday, September 6, 2010


I'm a sucker for words.  I love fonts, I love names, I love art that has letters or words in it.  I just love words.  The Husband has said, when I showed him a picture of one of those tram scroll things I'm busting for, "That's your thing, not ours" - in other words, enough with all the letter paraphernalia around our house.  Especially if it costs $500.

Do you have any words that you just love?

Ok, I'm going to start on a negative note, because I have some words that I really don't like, it's not so much in their meaning, but in the way they feel when I say them - like "loathe" or "heave" or "vomit" - ok, maybe it is about the meaning.  My Mum always called breasts "bosums" - I can't stand that word, maybe because of how mortified with embarrassment I was as a pubescent girl (with a lack of "bosums") when she would say "Maybe when your BOSUMS grow, Lisa, we'll get you a bra (like all the other girls already are wearing at school)."   Anyhow, thankfully my mother wasn't the kind of mother who talked much about that stuff so I didn't have to hear it very often.  Thank god I had an older sister and that I am VERY observant or I would have come very, very unstuck in that department.  And thank god I have boys, otherwise my poor daughters would have had an Earth Mother who wanted to "share" and discuss EVERYTHING as they struggled through puberty!  That's The Husband's job now. And he needs to get onto it quick.  Are you still with me or have I lost the male component of you Peeps out there?

And I have words that I adore.  Some people get pleasure out of music, some out of art, but for me, a string of words beautifully crafted, just moves me.

I love the word "Serendipity" - I love the sound and I especially love the meaning of it.  I totally believe in it too - why else, when I stagger onto a new career path attempting to use words, would I suddenly find myself surrounded by amazing writers and editors who help open door or who give gentle guidance and buckets of encouragement.   And that's just in the school yard! In fact one of my clever writer friends offered me three simple words that I have as a mantra, when I'm writing..."show, don't tell".  My poor eldest sonis being force fed this by his mum now ie "pretend you're watching the movie, not telling a friend about it"

I love the word "beautiful" - it is just that.  Beautiful

I love words that you can feel like "heartache", "bleak", "strength", "toasty" and "adore"
I love words that you can taste (oh gawd, I'm back on the senses thing) like "juicy", "rich", "succulent"
I love words that conjure images like 'lime" - can you see it's vivid green and "rugged"

You know I could go on and on.
Are you all skim reading, thinking "yup, that's her thing not ours" or do you have any words that move you or give you pleasure?

Postscript:  Is anyone else in luuurve with this chair???  Does The Husband have a point?


  1. I think the chair is just gorg.....would definately love to have something like that adorn my study, living room or maybe aiming a little higher - library!!

  2. Hey Sister,
    I love the chair, it's just different enough than those ubiquitous tram scrolls. Open any design mag & every 2nd house has one - they're turning into the
    2000's equivalent of a Ken Done print of the Sydney Harbour Bridge !!
    PS I love the word ubiquitous ... I hope I spelled it correctly.