Monday, October 4, 2010

A bit of fun

Here's a little guest blog courtesy of the fabulous  I found Jenni through the equally gorgeous Sharni at sharnanigans.  Anyhoo, this girl made me laugh so hard.  I'm a sucker for toilet humour, and folks there's plenty in this wee story! Make sure you click on the Read more.... just gotta see how this story ends.....

So many things have kept me from posting on my blog lately- the main one being that my in- laws were in town.
Hot Nerds parents have always been super wonderful to me, but we have never had any kind of family stay in our abode before. We've never had the room before now. So, with four adults and one child under one roof, I didn't really get the opportunity to lock myself away for some private bloggy time.

And boy, could I have used it.
Hot Nerd still had to work full time, and he's pursuing his Master's degree at night, so most of the time it was just me and Hot In-Laws traipsing around town. Now, there are about a hundred different reasons why it's insane having a parental-type figure around twenty four seven. Especially after you've become a parent yourself. I, however, am not going to go into any of those reasons. 
I have taken away something much more important from their little visit, and it is this:
My shit doesn't stink. Or, at least it doesn't have to.
Allow me to paint a picture for you, because, I oh so enjoy doing so  -  Read more....

Seriously, folks, do read more..I had tears!  
And when you do, think about what your other halves might have done in this situation?  I'm pretty sure The Husband would have gone to town on this one!