Monday, July 25, 2011

The Week That's Been

..actually make that the fortnight that's been, has been tumultuous, a roller coaster of emotions. But now that the rain has gone, the sun is out, things are settling albeit in a new way in our home.
The Husband will be home for a while.
The Husband is normally a Very Busy And Important Person, dragging himself out of bed in the cold and dark, coming home in the cold and the dark, usually both ways on his bike to squish in a tiny bit of exercise, arriving home to screaming and hysteria (usually by me, sometimes from his children) to see a messy house, cold oven, and more frown lines on his wife's forehead than before he left in the morning.  Aaah, the joys of coming home.  But changes in his work life have now meant more time at home for a bit in his home life.
And there are some exciting upsides:

Even though he's at home with a 3 day growth, he still is a Very Busy and Important Person
He gets to lie in bed and watch me get up
Our boys have an extra parent to play chess with (ok, that's a big fat fib, they always only have one parent to play chess with, he can just play more often now)
We have family dinners almost every night
The notoriously difficult eater eats almost everything now that we have his father at the table almost every night
I can pop out to the shops at 4.30 to pick up dinner food and don't have to drag out 3 small boys and be coerced into buying treats
We are loving having The Husband home during day light hours

And of course there are a few observations:
More washing
More general mess
A queue for the computer, and The Husband will always get first dibs unless he is looking up golf ranking
Being a one car family is not working

So you know when there's been a bit of silence on my blog something has been brewing or gone down. A new way of life is emerging in my home, and I'm more than ok with it.  It's so nice having day time conversations with the person you love most in the world other than manic ones in between ad breaks on evening TV.

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