Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Now that I have The Husband home during daylight hours, we're able to have day time chats.  You know the ones you sometimes have which are more meaningful and punchy than the rushed/tired/ambivalent ones you have in the evenings or the weekends when surrounded by kids.  He is energised and on the charge with exciting stuff.  He is on a Mission.  I think his energy and focus is making me realise how little I have on my own.  He said "From where I see it you're busy doing a whole lot of nothing, you're not focused but are flapping around", and before I could come back with the fact that looking after the kids, doing school volunteering stuff, exercising and all the other bits I fill in my day with, is NOT a whole lot of nothing, I took a moment and sucked in his view.
And there's truth in it.
I want so much for myself but seem to make every excuse in the book from going and getting it.
Which got me thinking.
What is it we really want to achieve in our lives?  Now I'm not talking the achievable stuff, I'm talking the "stretch", the pipe dreams, the in-my-wildest-dreams stuff.  Think about it and then push your thinking a little further.  What is your vision for what your most successful life would look like.  And for all us parents, raising the most incredible children to be the most incredible adults is a given.  Tick.
I'm talking about YOU, not the life you will live through your children, but your crazy dream for your own success.
Ok I'll put myself forward to get the ball rolling.  And don't judge me Peeps, this is pipe dreams we're talking here.
So I'm walking through school and there are murmurings "there's that incredible writer, she's just a school mum like us but she'd written that amazing book", "I saw her on "Today", this morning", "Did you read her column in the weekend paper?" And my kids are like "yeah my mum is like a famous writer". I'm still just me in my trackies with 3 backpacks slung over my shoulders, but everyone knows that there is more to me, than just me.
Have you thought about the aspirational you?  The one you might think about just before you go to sleep?  Are you lucky enough to be living it?  Are you on a flight path, locked in to achieve it?
Because how I see it, if we pitch our dreams too low, and get half way there, then isn't that a little unsatisfying when we know we have a fat ol' pipe dream we're trying to achieve.  Aren't we then living a satisfactory life rather than a bloody brilliant one.  I know I'm making sweeping gross generalisations here, and please step out of the loop rather than have me offend you, because that's not what I'm trying to do here.  I'm just trying to visualise my most incredible and successful me, whatever that me is, so I can go guns blazing after it.  Because if I pitch too low, then I won't try hard enough.  And there is nothing satisfying in the self knowledge that we didn't live our life as hard and successfully as we could and should have.
Sorry to get all Oprah/Anthony Robbins on you here, but lordy are you getting me?  I know you're a silent bunch and pipe dreams are only timidly shared, but humour me folks and just take a mo to think about your wildest dream for your most wildest success.
Do you want it?


  1. I am not sure what I want to be honest. Maybe I need to do a little reflecting of my own?

  2. Hi! Firstly I just wanted to say how homesick I felt when your site appeared on the screen! The flax, the mountains and textures. I'm also a Kiwi in Australia.

    I've experienced burnout trying to have it all, and recently started letting things go and being happy about my decision to be a stay at home mum.
    But your post has reminded me, I don't need to let my own aspirations go. Just like I don't need to feel guilty for having them.
    My wildest dream is to win the Australian Businesswoman of the Year (even though I'm Kiwi!)
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Thanks for popping by my blog girls, and nice to meet a fellow Kiwi too Laney, loving your vision - go girl!