Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hey you!

Some bloggers have a zillion followers, obviously for a reason.  I don't but I have celebrated each time someone new joins the fold.  I feel like we are a team.  I can see that you read my posts, and I know that most of you pop by often.  I love this.  And sometimes, you pop out of anonymity and leave me a comment or a nice word.  On the whole I have been super lucky with your generous open mindedness and support apart from perhaps the man who offered to shoot someone for me, he has been locked out and is not welcome back.  Ever.  One of my lovely readers (and friend) popped into my world yesterday and gave me some real and lovely feedback.  I was totally chuffed.  It's quite a lonely world out here.  I just blat stuff down and hope kindred spirits will get me.   I'm pitching a couple of stories to a popular columnist, the criteria is it must be new unpublished work.  You mean I just can't cut and paste from my blog? (d'uh, I'm new at this game).  But it's ok, I have a solution, I've a couple of ideas and I'm going to write the stories as if I am writing the stories for you, because you are my favourite audience and it's only if I'm writing for you that I get my voice and words just right.  And if they make the cut, then quick smart, I'll pop them up here so you can celebrate along with me.  .
You know by now that every few months I just like to say hi and thanks, personally to all of you.
You're my team. Thank you.

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  1. Hi, I've only just started reading the blogs on Kiwi Mummy Blogs, I love reading your posts!