Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Who's on your team?
Who just gets you and understands why you are you, and what makes you tick?

I believe that we have a physical team, and that's your friends, maybe not even all of them, just the ones that really get you.  They're the ones you turn to when life throws crap at you or when you are just BUSTING to share something that only someone on your team should hear first.  They're your people, they're your happy place, they are your team.

And then I believe we also have a team "out there" - maybe they are people who's books you read, who's blogs you follow, who's music you get.  With some writers I am nodding as I'm reading.  I'm in that space. I'm there with them.

And maybe there's also a random team, maybe it's just a moment of shared understanding, a laugh at the same thing, a quick connection, but you know that out there, there are people who are in the same universal team.

I met my first team member when I was born (and I've just backspaced the actual years I just typed because it looks far, far too long!).  The Sister.
My next team member when I was 6.  The teacher asked her to show me where the toilets were, when I started a new school.  She'll be in my team, till the end.  I know it.
New members joined my team at high school.  I'm still madly in love with them.
And throughout my life, I have been lucky enough to grow my team with wonderful, inspirational people.  I have the most amazing team.  I am so incredibly lucky.

 I started writing this blog for my NZ team, my girls I left behind, but now, I'm just throwing my whimsy and my thoughts out there, and if you're reading this, then you must kinda get me.

Who's in your team?

This post is for Lori who is going through infinite crap in her world at the moment.  She needs her team.  We are her virtual  team.  If you want to help her emotionally or through other ways then add a link, put some positive vibes out there, or better yet pop here.  Share the love.


  1. I'd like to think i am in your 'out there 'team - i get you!! great post Lisa! Keep putting your posts up on Facebook too I say! Don't want to miss any! Oh and my website designer - if you go onto my friends list and find Lena Skelly and send her a message she might be able to help you! I found her excellent xx

  2. I have a small team of two at the moment - my partner and I

  3. My team gets broader every year, but the core members don't change. Great post.

  4. I have a pretty small team I think, but worth their weight in gold :)