Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 60

I'm desperate to go camping and finally use the new tent after the aborted last camping trip we went on...anyone remember?  I am dying to go to Patonga camping ground - Kristin and I found it on our girls and kids holiday in Patonga and we instantly fell in love with it.  It's not a big camping ground city, just a quirky little camping ground by a river and a beach.  The Husband is less convinced.  probably because I've bleeted about it for so long.  So last night I had the map out showing him, what spot on the camping ground we could stay in.  He was uninterested.  I think there may have been a roll of the eyes even as he reluctantly came to the computer to look at the map.  "But it won't be daylight saving yet", he sighed, grasping at straws.  It's a foregone conclusion babe, we're going.

So when did daylight saving originate in Australia (and NZ?)

I had a feeling it was only during my teenage-hood, so I thought I'd better do some investigating...and sure enough modern daylight saving was first proposed by a George Hudson, a New Zealander, in 1895.  Gawd...splitting the atom, climbing Mount Everest, , the Hamilton Jet, and now daylight saving - us kiwis are a veritable collection of talent and ingenuity!

In Australia, daylight saving was first introduced during World War I , then again in World War II and again during the droughts in Tasmania in the 1960's, and since then there has been various legislation passed in different states and still remains a hodge podge to this day with no universal plan for daylight saving agreed across Australia.

Daylight saving was introduced to NZ in 1974 and has been extending balmy summers evenings there ever since.  My dad lives in Dunedin, which is really far south, so in the middle of summer, and with the joys of daylight saving, it is still light at 9.30 at night.  Perfect!


  1. Sister,
    I never thought I'd associate you & the words "desperate to go camping "
    Remember the last time you attempted camping ...... when it turned out you were actually desperate to find a 5 star resort with a swim up bar ?????

  2. I'm desperate to go camping so my Sister who is rapidly turning onto a Grey Nomad with her camping set up won't sniff down her nose at me and say "you're hardly the camping type!". ACTUALLY Sister, I'll have you know while you were camping with a trailer loaded with your super plush mattresses, kitchen cupboard (and no doubt kitchen sink) and all your other paraphenalia, I was camping my way round Europe (twice) with a one pot burner, a rock hard airbed thing, and a towel rolled up for a pillow. Admittedly, we did drink an awful lot of wine to make ourselves a little comfier for the night time.