Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I was reading the fabulous Sarah Wilson's blog and she referred to an exercise given to her by Oprah Winfrey's life coach - I love the concept.  Why not try it for yourself, and go on, you big chickens, share with me!

Go through each of your five senses and recall your favourite moment for each.

Here are mine....

Touch: The feel of Rafe's warm, dry cheek, placed against my cheek, only moments after he was born.  I swear it felt almost like an electrical connection.

Smell:  Central Otago thyme, and the smell of it drying along the hot dusty roads.

Sound: The Husband was head hunting me to work for him, he cold called, I fell in love with the voice at the other end of the phone.  Then I fell in love with him.

Sight  Landing in Queenstown airport, so close to those fabulous Remarkables that you can almost touch them.  I always feel like I am coming home.  I walk off the plane, across the tarmac and try not to take my eyes off them the whole time.  They glow pink in the evening.

Taste  When we were little, each holiday we would go to our family's crib (bach/holiday home) at the beach.  It was here that both The Sister and I had our happiest childhood memories. Each summer holiday we would all go to the local strawberry farm and pick loads of strawberries, then our Mum would brew up a batch of strawberry jam in a massive pot on our tiny stove.  And for the rest of the holiday we'd have freshly made strawberry jam on hot buttery toast for breakfast.  I can still taste it today.

Give it a try Peeps!  Nice memories.

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