Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Don't you think that sometimes little signs are sent to give a little perspective and to show you that life is good and that people are good.  Sometimes they might be a slam in your face kind of sign or sometimes, just a teaser.  I've had a couple recently that have warmed my heart and made me reflect for a moment.

We had a class dinner - you know the kind where there are many class mums chatting around a long table, and you sort of get happily trapped beside the person on your left and right, knowing the only way you'll talk to anyone else is getting off your bum and moving.  There was a mum there who had made an effort to come, she's very quiet, english isn't her first language, and she was maybe a little out of her comfort zone.  But she was there.  I loved that.  She had come to a class dinner with 18 other mums who were chatting loudly around the table with wine and shared stories.  She came.  I was sitting beside her for a bit, we chatted, others around her chatted.  She was included, she drank a glass of wine, ate some pizza, hopefully she had a good night.  She came.  And we included her and welcomed her.  I loved that too.

This morning after dropping my boys at school, I was negotiating my way down one of the skinny school traffic busy roads leading away from school. It's always a bit of a mare, and this morning I had to wait for a car inching it's way along before I could keep driving.  And then I saw why it was going so slow, the mother was driving along side her daughter who was walking, blowing air kisses to each other.  How gorgeous was that?  What a fabulous way for that little girl to start her school day.

It warmed my heart.

Have you seen anything recently that's unexpectedly lifted your soul a little.

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