Thursday, October 27, 2011

Living your best life

Thank you

You all know that I'm on a bit of a personal crusade to find purpose in my life and to get amongst it.  This is a good, productive theme for me, I have a tendency to just meander along, and hello, where did the last 5 years go to.  Although this is very introspective, it's also, rightly or wrongly, quite public, through my beloved blog.  Why the hell not though, it's a good message right?

This has a lot to do about my age, the clock is ticking, my time to be my fittest and healthiest and most involved is now and until I can't anymore.  There is no time to procrastinate and wait.  Now is the time.  Yes that ol' chestnut.  But it is.

Up until now it has been an excellent motivator for exercise and participating in events etc for me.  But I think that this evolving theme is rapidly seeping into other parts of my life

Be the best I can be.  Live my absolute best life.  This is it.

I am hungry to write, I'm hungry to read good books, no more crap ones.  I want to cook better meals, no more lazy Thursday slops (even if we have 3 swimming lessons, a hockey game and homework x3) No more slops.  More involved conversations, more nurtured friendships, to be the best Mum I can be - I see my 11 year old in 5 more years and I'm not as much in his picture.  More care of my family, my Dad, my sister.  More purpose, more focus, learn more. And that's just the start

I put a question out to the bloggy universe - how can I make my blog better, find a few more of you?  Some insightful, constructively critical responses came back - "too much this and that and not enough focus" (and not enough paragraphs - just screeds of writing- point taken).

I try and temper the serious with the ridiculous in my posts.  I can't promise that's going to stop.  In fact, it won't.  But it is time for focus and purpose.
Time for my blog to be the best blog it can be too.

Lets go.

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