Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Good Intentions

Thank you 

So you put a big announcement out to the blog-i-verse (ok, I'm not sure where I stand on blog'isms, sort of like the family stickers people are putting on there cars - ok for some, but not sure if my cup of chai).
I am going to live a more purposeful life.  My best life.  This is it.  Yup, that old impassioned chestnut.  And then what do I do?  I sulk and fret that I'm not actually living my best life BECAUSE I"M TOO BLOODY BUSY DOING ALL THE OTHER STUFF.  Sheesh.  How do I stop doing the other stuff?  How do I incorporate my new "best life" into my existing, obviously less-than-best life?

I have bleated on and on about our busy lives.  And really mine is no more (although I'm guessing a whole heap less) busy than others.  Much of my "busy-ness" is self inflicted.  But much isn't.  Point being.  Enough blimmin complaining (and what actually happened to that good intention of more paragraphs and better editing hmmm?)

As The Husband says so wisely -" You need to change things round, make the time, you waste so much time, rework the formula!" (and can you even begin to understand how useful that statement is at 9.10am on a school morning).

And half the time, I feel plain old anger that I've still got to do the mundane before I have time for the fabulous.  Case in point - a lovely Melbourne Cup lunch with the race starting at 3pm, I rushed to the lunch after a morning of jobs, arriving late, and at 2.55 there was a mass exodus of school mums rushing off to do the school pickups, no race seen but a smidge of fun stuff in between the busy stuff.

OK I'm moaning here, ok ranting, but I'm over myself.

How can I live my best life if I'm too busy to start?


  1. I share your question my friend. I look forward to some answers! We are at the exact same place I feel!

  2. The only people (with children) I know that have been able to do things that they 'like to do' and achieve their best life are people that pay for help - cleaners, nannies, housekeepers etc.. One of my friends has a nanny 4 days a week from 7am-12pm so that she can go for a run with the hubbie first thing in the morning on.
    I personally don't pay for any help - although am considering a cleaner! I find my life is crazy and I do worry about whether I will look back and find that I have 'lost' myself in the demands of every day life. We'll see!