Sunday, November 6, 2011

Alter ego

Do you have another personality that sometimes pops out after two glasses of champagne too many?

I have a particular pose that comes out whenever the cameras come out. (which always seems to be after two champagnes too many).  It's called The Sexy School Girl.  I think I'm channelling Britney Spears in whatever that song was.  I pout, I work it.  And I always persuade some one else to find their Sexy School Girl too, so we can pose together.  She appears at work functions, school functions, birthdays, weddings or basically any function where  there is wine and cameras.

Along with my pose, I also have a dance, or more specifically a walk.  It's called The Walk.  Basically, it's a full pouty strut through the middle of a dance floor.  The more people that are coerced into doing The Walk, the more effective I imagine it is.  I think I'm channelling Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love" chicks but without the guitars or the killer bods.

One of my poor friends got coerced into doing The Walk and finding her Sexy School Girl at a school party this weekend with me.  She put an impressive effort in, albeit a little bewildered about why.

I know many of you who read my blog have also been forced to succumb, you know who you are.

All a little odd I know.  But in the interests of blogging with purpose, I'm trying to understand why I do what I do.  I could self analyse about exhibitionism, ego-stroking and the "mouse that roared", but who am I kidding.  It's all about having fun.  And I do.

Do you have a "thing" you do?


  1. After a little bit of alcohol, when the inhibitions subside the girl who wants to shout from rooftops and leap tall buildings in a single bound comes out to play. She's wild and she's loud. She's pushy and can be a little scary. But she is so much fun and those who've shared in her adventures live to tell the tale of "...hey, do you remember one wild time when we..."

    My hand is up for wanting to see the pout and the pose. Why don't you post a pic?


  2. Haha, because any photos have usually got some innocent victim also attempting the "look" and they'd never thank me for it. Besides, Britney does it so much better