Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Moment

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I want to start by saying, if anyone ever suggests it's a good idea to do a monster grocery shop at nighttime "while it's quiet and you can have some time alone" don't believe them for a moment.  Maybe even spit in their eye or something nasty.  Because night time groceries mean putting your nighttime groceries away when you get home at 10pm, and then cleaning up the dinner stuff, sorting out school stuff and all the other evening crap you'd normally have to do, now has to be done in the 11pm-12am timeslot.  And you miss Millionaire Matchmaker.

For the record The Husband who suggested the excursion in the first place wasn't sitting watching the food scraps dry on the plate, waiting for me to get home, but had a something urgent to do (which actually involved earning money to pay for all the groceries) so I couldn't even sulk properly.

Anyhow...back on track girl...

Night time supermarkets are lonely places, just you, a handful of hardy fellow shoppers, the one checkout chicklet, and a zillion shelf fillers, refilling the empty aisles, boxes scattered everywhere in the frenzy to be ready for morning (for them to be emptied again) - like a massive vicious cycle. And the mall cleaners, with big floor polishers sweeping the lonely lobby.

I'm in the carpark, loading the boot fill of my bags when I notice them (so there is a point to this story? not sure yet sorry).

A couple are standing clinging to each other a couple of cars away from me.  I can't help but stare.  It is intense, there is something going on.  As I slow up my loading a little, all kinds of stories are playing out in my head - a breakup, a break down. They pause and cling some more, lovingly. They pull away from each other (and yes I was blatantly staring by now), and look in each others eyes with such intensity that I politely look away (almost).  They finished their hug, got in the car and drove away.  No doubt to put away their groceries when they got home.

I vowed to stare down The Husband when I got home, although the sight of the messy bench and dirty plates still on the table put paid to that.  I had a different kind of intensity in mind now.

How often do you see shows of pure, genuine emotion like that, and so publicly?  When was the last time you ever connected with your partner like that? Because I saw a little glimpse of pure unadulterated love in that carpark. And I'm feeling a little guilty that it's never me doing it.
At least not in a carpark.
Not yet.

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