Monday, November 21, 2011

The Eternal Search

I am forever looking for that miracle cure, a youth elixir, that magical product that will salvage the remnants of a face long past.

Why did I put baby oil on my face then cast my face towards the gods ?  In my youth sunblock was actually called suntan lotion, Coppertone 3, I can still smell it.  It smelt like summer.  I would pride myself on my tan, "Lisa's skin goes black in summer", my Mum would proudly gloat.  If only we knew then what we know now, and I'm not just talking about leathery skin, but I'm touching every bit of wood with my fingers and toes crossed that I continue to dodge the melanoma bullet.  Others haven't been so lucky.

I run, and when I run, my face is all screwed up, even though it's covered in Invisible Zinc, a hat and glasses, I'm in all kinds of pain which means my face gets all screwy, which when you're doing that for a couple of hours in the sun, a couple of times a week, it's not helping any hope of clawing back time.  Nope.

Reality is I'm ageing.  My face is ageing.  I will the magazines and the skew of products available on the market to be finally "the one that works".
I kidded myself when I spent time and money on 3 tubs of fricking expensive La Mer , that this would be The One.  An astronaut with burns(?) (gawd I don't read the marketing bumpf that closely) invented it.  A bloke.  Not a zillion dollar company.  I told myself that even though it smells JUST THE SAME as a pot of $3 Ponds, it must be worth the hundreds it cost.
Maybe I didn't apply it properly - you had to heat it first which required me climbing onto the toilet then holding my plastic applicator of it up to the heat lights (all while The Husband waited impatiently in bed - not great for a spontaneous sex life).
I gave up.  And moved onto whatever was on special on that also promised wrinkle free, youthful radiance.  And then to whatever looked promising at the duty-free counter.  There is always a general theme with names like "skin renewal", "damage corrector" with words that  pop like "miracle" or "dramatic" or "urgent".  I'm every cosmetic marketers dream.  They say it, I buy it.

I have a small collection.  I also have a growing collection of "age lines".  I'm waiting patiently for the next round of miracle cures.  Maybe the reality is they don't come in bottles but in syringes.  Or maybe it's just a case of looking in the mirror and starting to love what I see.

What have you used?  What works for you? - ok, big hat, shade, I'm hearing you.


  1. Beauty products are all a big have! The only thing that turns back the age clock for me is to not look in the mirror. If I avoid the mirror, I can pretend I'm still in my 20's - 23 ideally. As soon as I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I'm doomed. (Of course, avoiding the mirror has its major drawbacks, like dropping in to visit a friend after a whole morning at playcentre onlt to have them point out the toothpaste on my chin. Okay, not such a good idea after all.)

  2. ha, I know the feeling Callie, sometimes you just gotta look and it always scares the bejesus out of me! Thanks, Lisa

  3. I'm 23 and I bet this will be my post in a few years! But I don't think aged faces are unattractive at all, much better to accept what you look like and work with it. (direct me back to this comment when I go and get botox :P)xo

  4. can take the lines and wrinkles, but nobody told me about the cream for that, spend your money to treat yourself to nice lunch instead & celebrate your age with a few glasses of champagne...certainly better for the mood;)

  5. Learn to love yourself, no matter what. All those things you are trying to prevent are evidence that you have lived, and continue to live, a full life. My latest find re skin care is from Paula's Choice - an online range - that has my skin looking its best, complete with wrinkly, saggy areas. For the first time in my life my skin is clear of blemishes. I wish I had known about this range well before I hit my forties. Anyhoo, I'm loving it, and a few of my other girly friends are too. :)

  6. ps. i forgot to tell you that it doesn't cost a fortune either

  7. Haha, thanks Michelle, I love that attitude too! And I do love what I see, just wish I'd been kinder when I was hmmm, say 23!

    And thanks Petra, what I love about champagne is it makes everything smooth out a little more in the mirror LOL. Sagging - well thats another whole topic!

    Thanks for the heads up Donna, I'll have to check it out, it's always good to have products vouched for by real people rather than supermodels!

    Thx for the comments ladies!