Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Boyos

I went to a fabulous course the other night and listened to some very sage advice, if you haven't done yet then please drop by the gorgeous Kerri Sackville's blog lifeandothercrises.  Anyhoo, amongst the other gems she shared was the fact she posts no pix of her kids.  Fark, they're all I post sometimes, I thought.

Which got me thinking.  Time to take my kids offline.  I really do want them to love me for their whole lives, not just until they read a dodgy blog post about themselves.

I'll need to chat about them a bit, others use pseudonyms (frickin hard word to spell) but who am I kidding, you already know their names, and you don't know their last name (ha, got ya right!), but no more pics.  I'm sure if you're desperate you can search through old posts for them, but do me and favour and don't unless you're doing it for lovely reasons.

But just so you don't think they've completely disappeared from my blog, here's some photographic evidence they're still here in all their glorious glory.

And here's some evidence of how much their mother adores them

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