Thursday, November 10, 2011

A sign

Oh gawd, here she goes, I know you're all thinking.  Blah, blah, blah deep and meaningful stuff coming up...

Well actually it's not or at least is only a little.  You know my lovely peeps, that you get the good and the bad, the warts and all with me.  And yesterdays post was a bit hmmm, warty.

But I was having a moment or two self analysing, self doubting, wallowing in myself.  Could you tell?

I went for a run, all time favourite running conditions, light rain, warm, no wind.  Perfecto.

I ran to the beach.  It was dead calm, that grey/green water, warm and calm.  I thought to myself "something is going to happen, it feels like something is going to happen".  I ran along the foreshore, my eyes glued to the water.
And then I saw them.
A massive pod of dolphins, 20 metres or so out from the shore, swimming lazily along the beach front.  Gracefully diving in and out of the water, catching the occasional wave. They were beautiful, the scene was beautiful, and goddamn it, I'm going to say it, it was a little magical.
People stopped, shared, cameras were held up.  A man ran into the water, peeling his shirt off, as he submerged himself.  A surfer, quietly slipped her board into the water and paddled out to them.
It was gently raining, everything was gentle.
And so was I.  I felt like I'd been given a gift of something beautiful.
I felt calm.


  1. Sounds um, magical!? Nothing like a good run. The dolphins were an absolute bonus. Thanks for Rewinding x