Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Love Story

Once upon a time there were two girls, they became BFFs before that title was even thought up.  As they grew up, they had each others back.  And as they went through thick and thin, they always were there for each other, quietly, sometimes not so quietly.  But always.
Best friends forever.

The girls talked and talked, and sang and laughed.  They created a whole catalogue of "funny stuff" they'd done.  They'd still laugh at it today.  Sometimes they're curious why no one else laughs.  Or why a boat full of German backpackers in Vietnam were surprised when one of the girls sang (almost perfectly, she thought) a german love song.  The other girl would have been proud of her.

Years crept on, husbands appeared, then disappeared.  New husbands appeared, and stayed.  Children popped in to the picture.  One of the girls mum's had had  dream of the girls with boys, lots of boys.  And sure enough the girls had lots of boys.

Joints started to get a little creaky, wrinkles started gently forming, distance started forming a little.  Physical distance, never emotional distance.

Grief, happiness, worry, challenges.

One day one of the girls asked the other "if we're really old and our husbands aren't alive anymore do you want to go flatting together, like in an old peoples home, so we're not alone".   The other girl loved that idea, because even though she know she would irritate the crap out of the girl on a day to day basis with her clicky jaw and strange habits, it's nice to know they'll still be together.
And still have each other's back.
BFF's forever.

The End

Isn't Christmas the perfect time to take stock and celebrate those people in our lives who we adore and couldn't for a moment, contemplate living without.


  1. This is a really lovely story. Is it based on real life? A week ago I wrote a post about BFFs and it was interesting to see in the comments how many of us yearn for that but so few of us have someone who fits that bill. I don't really anymore as relationships have changed over time. I'd like to.

  2. Lovely! My BFF & I have had a very similar conversation. So wonderful to have that special relationship with someone.