Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Are you gorgeous or what!!!

I saw an inspirational video on the inspirational website Mamamia the other day

..and it got me thinking.

So I'm sort of past those days of constantly worrying about weight, and pimples and looking like everyone else.  Don't get me wrong, I certainly had my share of years, nay, decades doing this, but having your body stretched 3 times by 3 glorious babies, does a lot to your own personal perspective of your body.  And I think my many years on the clock has been helpful in coming to terms with the fact my legs won't get longer, fact.  Nor will I get taller, fact.  Nor will my curly hair become straight, and actually I don't want it to now.  Nor will my drooping eye bits stop drooping without surgical intervention (and I'd rather go on a nice holiday instead).

In other words, I am ....comfortable ...with who I am, this is me.  I can control the stuff I need to, and I can accept the stuff I can't control.

But how often do you think about the gorgeous bits of you.  In a heartbeat, I could draw up a quick list of my friends and family and all their bits I admire - their beautiful eyes, great legs, awesome boobs, great personalities, enviously lush hair.  Seriously, hit me with a name and I'll be able to name their best, most enviable feature.

But how often do we do this to ourselves?
I don't think I'm off the mark, but EVERYONE has something that they are quietly quite proud of.  That they are secretly thankful for, that they celebrate.

Do me a favour, and take a mo, and just think about what your "thing" is.  Lordy, maybe you have a few - think of them all.

And in the interests of doing what I say...here goes...

I have good skin.  Ok, not on my face like baby bottom, wrinkle, blemish free, oh no no no, I'm talking from my neck down.  I have olive skin that is always a nice colour.  I am thankful for the generations past (on my Mum's Dad's side) who have gifted me (and two of my sons) this lovely skin.

I celebrate my skin.
I celebrate me,
warts and all, good skin and all

What do you celebrate secretly about yourself?


  1. my eyelashes...every time I get them tinted (which is the equivalent of having acid poured into your retina) the beauty lady says 'wow they are so long'...I appreciate them.

    Im trying the 12wbt and failing miserably...I woke up this morn and looked in the mirror and thought 'actually you're ok' so I stopped looking at the meals plans, stopped reading the forum posts and just thought Im going to eat good food and be done with it.

    1. Loving the new attitude, just bat those gorgeous lashes at the mirror and say I will eat healthy and be healthy today. You know what you need to do!

  2. Lovely post Lisa - go you celebrating your skin!

    Ummmm I secretly celebrate my... legs? Though at the moment they have an extra layer of chub on them, that came when preg last time too -- but when they are at their sleekest - they have a nice shape, and are long!!

    GO my legs, go my legs - heck I'll even celebrate them with an extra layer of chub and the sea of cellulite that my nice shaped pegs are drowning in...!!

    1. Ok I think our friendship is officially over, I detest being near people with good legs, i will always be insanely jealous, I'm happy for you, really I am! Kidding!!! rock those pins girlfriend in all their sleekness, and layers of pregnancy'ness

  3. My skin too - it helps me look younger than my years - though my daughter hates the freckles she's inherited from me, no matter how often I try to tell her they're gorgeous.
    I read somewhere once that as you get older and look back at photos of your younger self, you'll think (generally) that you were slimmer and prettier than you ever thought possible at the time... ah the benefit of hindsight...

  4. I look forward to a day when I can be 'comfortable' with myself. I'm still at the point of self-loathing.

    One thing I do like is my hair. It's still falling out 3 years post-pregnancy but still manages to look thick and shiny.

  5. Great post! I feel comfortable with myself too now, but I've certainly had my fair share of moments. I think I secretly celebrate my hair - it's a little bit different and always gets commented on. Totally opposite to you though, my skin is the worst! Hyper sensitive, moley, freckly and pale. So bad for Australia!
    Visiting over from FYBF - nice to meet you!