Wednesday, February 29, 2012

10 things you don't know about me or where the bloody hell am I?

I'm frantic this week.  I have a two stories on with two tight deadlines, I have one of my besties here for the week from the US.  I think I've felt even a smidge of stress, and not kid related stress as in how-am-I-going-to-make-it-to-swimming-lessons-while-you're-still-on-that-playstation kind of stress, but lordy-me,-I-have-to-pull-finger-and-get-writing kind of stress.
But I am loving it.  Loving it.

So my poor old blog had been relegated to the same place as my two overflowing laundry baskets.  I'll get around to it soon.  Maybe in front of Bethanney Ever After one night. Or Toddlers and Tiaras.  I'm already excited

But I noticed on a few blogs recently there's been one of those "blog hop" things going around.  I like to think of it as a chain letter for our times, you write something then pass it on to someone else.  Because my blog fits happily nowhere in particular, I never get asked to play.

But I can play by myself right?  So because all my smart, insightful musings are being channelled hastily into my stories, why not share a little about myself.  I'm sure a few of you, including The Sister are gripping the edge of your seats now.  Chill Sister, I vowed to be nice to you after my very funny and wholly unnecessary  cruel and possibly tasteless, comment about your dead chicken.  You can breathe out. Although I may redirect any venom to my brother-in-law now after he openly mocked me IN FRONT OF MY FACEBOOK FRIENDS (and had them all looking at my teeth/things/knock knees).  I am very slow to forgive and I never forget.

So here's a few things you may not know about me;

I toss my pillow - I always need to find the cold spot.  Seriously try it tonight, you'll be converted.
I was married once to a lovely man before The Husband.  Happily, he is happily married again with a family.  Being with him was a very happy period of my life, and I'm happy now that everyone is
I love beetroot.  I love tuna.  I especially love tuna and beetroot (and rocket)
I love fonts.  Especially courier, it's my favourite.
My poor mum died back in 1995.  Mum's should live longer than 56 years, I plan to.
I love big structures, like dams, bridges, and have particular soft spots for canals, like the Panama, and the Suez, oh and those big mega tankers that are too large to get through them.
Edges, ends, tops of countries - I love, one particular highlight was standing at the bottom of Africa, in the water, at the end of a whole gorgeous ginormous frickin' continent.
I failed my drivers licence when I was at high school by crashing into the school gate with the police officer beside me.  I swore lots, and made him drive instead of me.  It wasn't until I was 27 that I sat it again secretly, surprising my then husband, who promptly to my horror, made me start driving regularly.  That wasn't the plan.
I gave up a serious Diet Coke addiction 3 years, 2 months and 24 days ago after my then 8 year old son asked me to stop "drinking that horrible stuff Mum, it's really bad for you".  I have been tempted to relapse, especially for a tall glass of diet coke, ice and slice of lemon on a hot day, but so far I turn instead for the water.
I am so happy and so relieved that my Dad has found happiness with our gorgeous step mum (? What do we call her Sister?).  The fact that our Dad is spending these years of his life in blissed out love gives me unmeasurable pleasure.

So that's me.  Theres something to be said for this online world where we over share and over communicate.  Life's too short to keep secrets.

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  1. OH MY GOD. You won't be surprised to know, I am in love with beetroot and Monte now flips his pillow because it is too hot. x