Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Letting Go

So we're at ...hmm  Week 7 of the term, and we have now got a clean sweep of projects for each of my kids.  That familiar stress is churning - my kids are oblivious to the stress and their projects.  It's me carrying the due dates, the angst, the impending arguments and threats.  Each child brings their own dilemmas to the table - I have the one that can but won't, I have the one who can't but wants to and I have the one who has put it in the place with all that other stuff that requires effort, then has firmly closed the lid and taped it down.  And I have 3 due dates looming.  Actually technically I don't.

Which begs the question - and this is a perennial favourite for me...how much involvement do you have in your children's projects?  have you ever let your child crash and burn, or do you stage a last minute intervention, sitting over your child on the computer, pointing out each mistake and not exhaling until it's been fixed, then sneaking on for some quick "formatting", as you centre, bold, underline, and indent to make the project present a little better.


My eldest goes to high school next year, this is a carrot I hang over him constantly - "at high school they won't tolerate sloppiness like that mate" - or words to that effect (or not).  I need to let him go, to free fall, to understand the word "consequences" publicly and painfully.  This is my year for walking away, for being a supportive, encouraging Mum and not his own personal editor.

Maybe for the next project.

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  1. I am dreading the moment of decision involved in a project 'situation' I don't think I could let my son crash and burn. I am too much of a type A over-acheiver myself to stand by and let him potentially fail. I think I would be dragging him kicking and screaming to the gates of an acceptable piece of work! Good luck