Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I am woman hear me roar

Today is International Day Of Women.  A day for women to stand up, and to celebrate whatever they have achieved in their lives.  Because everyone has done something that they're proud of.

It's a day to wrap our arms around ourselves, look at ourselves in the mirror and be happy to
Because goddammit, it's pretty fabulous being a woman isn't it.

We can grow and hatch babies
We can be all cranky and nasty, then blame it on our bodies, same goes for going to bed and being left in peace to read our books
We can wear teeny singlet tops and dresses on really hot days
If we scratch the car we can just ring our partners crying, and apologising
We get to watch Bethanney Ever After.  Or Toddlers and Tiaras.  Or Housewives of (insert)
We can breast feed babies while they're propped on the kitchen bench as we cook dinner for the crying, hungry brother at the same time (fact)
We can get our husbands to pull over so we can quickly get out of the car and have a contraction of the side of the road on the way to the hospital, and noone will look (ok, that maybe a little delusional, but it was early and there weren't many cars around)
We can paint over our skuzzy toenails with bright red nail polish
We can run marathons or climb mountains while meal planning at the same time
We always know where everything is.  Always.
We get to cry when other kids do amazing things, not just our own.
We get to cry.
We get to change the way we look if we don't like it.  (I'm not actually sure if that is a good thing)
We have hormones that do good things to us sometimes (and not so good at others - see point 2)
We get to show our love unconditionally and openly

Happy Womens Day girls