Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Everyone has something going on, right?  Sometimes you see it, and sometimes you don't.  The "see it" stuff is usually the stuff you can control, that you feel that you can share because it's something that's been controlled or is controllable.
Then there is the other stuff, the private, the scary, the unknown.  The sort of things that you don't feel able to bring out in public with the public you because it's too private, too personal, to uncontrollable.  We all share so much these days, whether it be through social media, blogs or the need to get it off our chests.  But some people have things that they can't or don't want to share.  That's just theirs.

I share often, you know my stuff and me.  But it's only the me I'm able to share and want to share, but if there is stuff going on that's personal to me, my friends or my family, sorry, nope you won't hear that.  Some bloggers use their blogs as an outlet for everything, their blogs have been public domains for the most saddest and terrible times in their lives, and I get that, there is something about sharing the personal with the non-judgemental anonymous readers out there.  But not for me.

Sometimes the private stuff has no choice but to become public, when the carefully controlled lid slips just a smidge and a little piece of the private you sneaks out.  Or roars out.

I bumped into a friend today, I know she has long term private tough stuff going on, but she always gives so much, you'd never know.  Today her controlled became uncontrollable as her lid slipped and her private stuff came pouring out.  And was public for a few minutes.

And through this she gave me a gift.  Of reality.  Of perspective.
Because that's what really matters right.


  1. We're all human Lise and we all have our 'stuff' going on, some more than others and some more complex. xxx

  2. For me perspective is a powerful tool in my arsenal of coping... On days when I feel like nothing is going my way, I feel sick or frumpy I just need to put it all in perspective. There is always someone out there who is doing it much tougher than me. It is a reminder to focus on the outcomes, not the process. And a reminder on what is really important in life. Don't sweat the small stuff. Great to discover your blog x