Thursday, February 2, 2012

To Absent Friends

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Through The Husbands work, we met a lovely couple.  We became friends, with the occasional work/social dinners and catchup.  Our friend became sick and for 18 months fought a horrible battle with a horrible cancer.  Sadly yesterday he passed away.

I didn't now him as well as many.  But sometimes you don't need to know someone well to appreciate what a lovely and special person they are.  And sadly, the nature of hideous illnesses like cancer are that you have time to prepare, you  understand that time is limited, you try and make the most of it without being intrusive.  We tried, The Husband tried, gently and subtlety.  He sought his wisdom and counsel, genuinely.

Our friend leaves behind a family and a divine wife.  And of course we are all thinking of them and their sad loss.  Often people talk about celebrating someone's life, and we will absolutely do that.
But today, there are many like us, who are not thinking about celebrating but who are acknowledging the loss of this lovely man to the world.  Who are thinking how sad it is that this gorgeous man is no longer amongst us.
I wrote a story that was published in Mamamia last month.  It was inspired by this couple.  In the scheme of things it was nothing, but for me, it was a quiet tribute and tiny celebration of them.  It gives me comfort to know that they read it.  

Here's my story

Haere Mai Phil

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