Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Secretly I know that I have the best job in the whole wide world.  Better even than that job that a zillion people applied for that may in fact have been called the "Best Job In The Whole World", and involved desert islands, crystal water and white sand.

Shame my job doesn't pay much or often, but still....

You see I seem to have stumbled across a job which not only do I LOVE to do, but it's one in which I get to talk to the most incredible, inspiring people.  I then get to feel all warm and fuzzy and then I get to write about them.  And THEN I hope that a few people buy the magazine, read my story about these incredible, inspiring people, and feel all warm and fuzzy too.

Where is the downside? Ok apart from the sporadic, minimal pay packets, but it's not always about the money right??? (This statement is intended for the Husband, although to be fair he has been schlepping to work at 6.30am, make that 5.30am this morning, for most of his life, while I lie in bed thinking of inspirational stuff to write about).

I think I'm going to brush over this topic quickly.

I have just written a story for a mag about an amazing woman and her amazing family who, when I interviewed her, had me saying over and over (when I listened back to my recording) "Oh I just love this story, this is such a gorgeous story".   My editor when she read the story, told me that she got goosebumps when she read the story.  I wanted to climb through the screen and kiss her, there couldn't be sweeter words for me to hear.
Because that's what I often feel with the people I'm lucky enough to interview.

There's not much point to this post other than to be thankful that I can do what I do do.

I love my job.
Do you love what you do?

post script - hands down, my best job ever, starts at 3.15pm every school day


  1. It's funny that when it's something you love to do you often don't get payed a lot. I make leotards. I have three sons and get to make pretty, sparkly, girly stuff. And I get to see little girls' eyes light up when they try on what I've made and fell beautiful. I get to dress National champions and my leotards are worn at some of the most important competitions in the world. I have to work to ridiculous deadlines and sometimes I have too little work. But I love what I do.

    1. Wow, that is so interesting Char, what a lovely niche you have. I have 3 sons too, I don't get any bling or glitz in my world!