Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The End of an Era

As a mum of toddlers, your life is so frantic and absorbed in your kids and not absorbed in your own, that you crave those days when they're at preschool and you can "get a little of you back".  I say this in quotes as if others have said it, but really it's come from my own mouth often.
And then your toddlers grow a little and you get another day or so .  And then they grow a little more and start school.  Then you got a whole lot of time to be you, to work, to exercise, to do whatever, and to have a think about who you are again, or what the new you looks like.  Nothing show-stopping here, this is just the reality of life and growing up.

You think back on the "hard" days (I'm thinking of a wet frozen mum, one shivering toddler and one squirmy baby in the swimming pool change rooms where as you attempt to quickly shove reluctant, damp legs into trackies and simultaneously open a bag of rice wheels while stopping the baby rolling off the change table, you realise you've just blown 30 bucks on half an hour of singing Hokey Tokey in the water, when you could have done it at home for free, while warm and dry.  We've all been there, we all have our own version of pain.

I came home from a run today, and flicked on the TV while I stretched.  I eventually found a reality programme of "billionairess" Tamara Ecclestone, and immediately decided I wanted to trade lives with her, as long as I got to bring my boys and The Husband.  Seriously I could do with a weekly mani-pedi in the comfort of my gazillion dollar home too.
But before I found that thought provoking piece I found Fifi and the Flower Pot Men on a kids channel.  I have had 3 boys, they never did Fifi, but still, those days are over now.  No-one in my house watches any of those "kids" programmes anymore.  They're at that next stage (actually not that my kids watch TV since I began my role as the Electronic Police and Tormenter, along with my trusty sidekick, the microwave timer).  But do you get what I'm saying?
That phase is over.  My kids will never watch those programmes again, I will never have a curly headed fella lying in a Thomas beanbag at 3.30 on a weekday afternoon, still foggy from his afternoon sleep, watching The Tweanies or Caillou.  Peacefully.
My boys don't even do playgrounds anymore (unless they're allowed to take their scooters in and terrorise other kids hooning around at breakneck speed).  I won't be able to push any squealing little guy high and higher for as long as I can before the next kid comes along wanting a turn.
No more special days, no more Mum and Smith days, no more carrying my boys places.
Fact; I don't get to carry my kids anymore.  Holy moley, I just realised that!

The era has finished and I didn't even realise it was going to.  Don't wish away these years.  Just love them.
Do you get me?  What do you miss?


  1. gee thanks now I have a big lump in my chest!! I think I might keep watching Cailou when the kids are grown as I love the song. Its an odd space for me with 5 years between my chickens. We were moving into big kid land when we got pulled back into ABC the thomas is staring again and the playschool songs but I have stood firm and will not be swimming in kids wee for $17.50. We have a bath. That will do.

    1. Bloody hilarious Sarah, I couldn't be bothered with the drama and effort of swimming lessons for baby#3 so didn't start him until he turned 3 (and I only had one term of getting in the water as the swimming teacher frantically tried to get him over his fear of water and into the class for big kids) - seeing my big toddler lined up against the babies as we sang Hokey Tokey was a very telling lesson for me to get over myself

  2. What do I miss?? My boys are old grown up (24,23,18). I miss little arms around my neck and lispy declarations of love. I miss snuggling in bed reading books that I know word for word. I miss them fighting over the cooking bowl, the music practice, standing on the sidelines at soccer matches. But each stage is wonderful and unique. You absolutely have to treasure every moment because they fly.

    1. Oh thanks Char, gorgeous, please tell me they don't stop wanting cuddles. Beautifully put, thank you x

  3. Has been too long since I've read your blog Lise, you have such a wonderful knack of expressing the things others feel too, but can't articulate as eloquently and definitely not in such hilarious but deep cutting way! My wee Olie is off to school next month so this post is particularly poignant as my first major milestone for my last baby is reached. WIll make time to share your take on life more often. lots of love, Fra x

    1. Oh hey Lovely, you know I stalk you on FB and loooove seeing pics of your gorgeous boys, I can't believe that Olie is starting school, lordy next thing we know Archie will be starting and that is just so scary about how fast time is flying! Enjoy this next special month with your baby boy x