Monday, April 2, 2012

Telling it like it is

I've been on a little bloggy break. Sometimes I just need to get away from this me that lays it all out there,   Sometimes I have nothing to say.  Sometimes, I've just said too much and need to stop and just live for a bit.  Sometimes I just a teeny bit over myself.  Sometimes I am a whole lot over bloggers, even though I actually am one.
And then it all comes flooding back, ideas bloom, my voice comes back, and so do I.

And ironically what has brought me back, is a blogger - the fabulous Eden who blogs at  You see the clever folks at World Vision have not only realised how fabulous and much loved Eden is for her quirky, raw and heart felt blogging, but have wisely realised that she smacks a wallop, she has a loud, much listened to and sought after voice.  And there is an issue that they want to raise the visibility of.  A massive, devastating tragedy unfolding in Africa, that we may glance at in the papers unseeingly, as we sip our morning lattes in our comfortable lives.

It's called the West African Food Crisis where poor harvests and erratic rains last year have pushed food prices up so much that families can't afford to feed their children.  15 million people are suffering.
I'll let that sink in a moment - 15 million people.
World Vision asked Eden to step out of her comfortable life and step into the tragic lives of those starving and suffering, a world away in so many senses from her own. And talk about it, raise awareness and pass the message on.  She left Australia with only hours notice and is now blogging in Niger.

The power of blogging and social media, and the savviness of those clever enough to recognise it's influence, a marriage made in online heaven.

This is how I dusted the sleep out of my eyes.  And came back.

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