Monday, April 2, 2012


You know I love nothing more than to write about fluff, even after my heartfeltness of my last post here. Sorry, can't resist.
So my eldest was home sick from school with a head cold he's had for what feels like months.  Thinking the sickie may have been a 'sickie', I made a doctors appointment for him, to sort it once and for all.

As usual we were running, screaming, wildly, late for the appointment, so Will tore out to the car with a pair of Vans that have been too small for him since we bought them 6 months ago.  We made it to the appointment just in the nick of time, only to have to wait for ONE HOUR in the waiting room, watching as new babies went ahead of us for their 1/3/6/12 week checkups.
 I've had 3 babies, I know that this entails, removing all of the layers of the babies clothes gently (and slowly), watching in near tears as the doctor prods and stretches out the baby, after which you gently and slowly dress the baby again, and perhaps give a quiet feed to calm the tears while the doctor finishes.  There were 3 babies ahead of us.  I knew what was coming, Will didn't.  We'll never get back that hour of our lives.

When we finally got in, the doctor we got (and believe me, I would have taken a doctor of ANYTHING at this stage) was old, round, with coke bottle glasses and a crusty sore on his head (gulp- sorry, I'm still a little traumatised by that).  He did his stuff to Will, then said, 'Just kick your shoes off here, and we'll measure your height". The room froze, with a silent "noooooooooo" coming from Will.  It had taken him the full 10 minutes drive, and maybe a fingernail to get ONE of his Vans on.  They weren't the kind of shoes you just 'pop" back on.  I felt the first trickle of inappropriate laugh.  So did Will.  I whispered to him, "it's ok mate, you can just leave in bare feet".  But still, like a ticklish cough, the threat of inappropriate laugh wouldn't go away.  The doctor checked Will's ears, and then said he'd give him some nose drops.  "But I want you to really stick the nozzle right up your nose", he told Will.  Grabbing the SAME thing he'd stuck in Will's ears, he proceeded to stick it up his nose, to demonstrate.  He was very close to us both by now, and while trying not to look at my son's barefeet, the black nozzle thing hanging from the doctors nose (that had just been in my son's ears), I focused instead on his crusty head.  Bad mistake.  Quickly I scanned for a mark on the carpet or wall to refocus on, but too late, the inappropriate laughter was unstoppable.

"I am the mother, be a leader, help us out of this situation", I thought to myself as Will looked confused at me laughing, then started himself.
 With all my self control, I staunched the flow.  Will followed my lead.  Until safely back in the sanctity of our car.

Have you ever been victim to a bout of inappropriate laughter?

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