Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Do you pop?

I'm a slave to the colour black, having learnt years ago that this body needs as much help as it can get to hide, elongate, flatter it, I have black as a staple in my wardrobe.  Anyone else guilty?
But I have some friends who wear colour confidently and well, brightly.  They ooze the kind of confidence that comes from wearing purple shoes, or a bright green card, almost as if it's a "look out world, I am here and I don't give a toss if "rust" is the new black, I am rocking the colours of the rainbow". And it's not in a "look at me" kind of way, no, it's more like "colour is my friend".  Neither of these friends are the tie dyed t-shirt kind of people, they carry their colours with style and general fabulousness. And people comment, and are drawn to them, to their lust for life and colour.
I decided today to conduct a social experiment on myself, to see how I feel when I wear colour (although every ounce of me was gravitating to the vast blackness of my wardrobe.)  I even accessoried with some bright beads (why did I think one string of bright beads was enough in Thailand when they cost pre-barter about $1.20?).

And the result, a spring in my step and some comments, even if the top was circa 2006, and the cardi from Glassons.  It's not what you wear but the way that you wear it right?

Do you wear pops of colour or are you in Team Black like me?  What makes you feel good?

Postscript; do you notice how I have stood in front of a bright painting to make me pop even more?  Do you think those dry splitends are looking a little too dry?


  1. Colours make a huge difference to how I feel. I've had post-viral fatigue for a couple of months and I've found myself wearing a lot of red. Red is an energetic colour isn't it so I must be wanting to give myself a little shot of energy by wearing it.

    The colours look great on you - very cute.

  2. Hey Lisa, wearing colour suits you. Its gotta be the right colour, and yours is rocking. Wearing colour ALWAYS makes me feel better. Give it a try a little more often. Go on, you can do it :)