Thursday, May 24, 2012

Not the finest period in my life

You know that life is kind of shite at the moment, albeit in a packing our large, messy life into boxes to live somewhere temporary before we move permanently into a place yet to be determined.  Normally when you move house it's a step up, or sideways, right - meh, not for us this time.

I'm not going to bore you with the Husbands fixation on eating down the freezer food "because we waste so much food in this house", but I will show you an example of our nightly selection of what we used to affectionately call "freezer surprise", I have added another adjective juuust before "freezer" and it also behind with an "F".

Funny enough, most of the freezer surprise meals are still ending up in the bin because they are so bad so we're not really minimising waste anyway.

I'm not even going to describe to you how on Wednesday night the Husband and I instead of watching the state of Origin (him) or cleaning the fish tank and boxing up the kitchen (me), ended up scrubbing our faux plastic spa bath (circa 1983) out with a combination of Exit Mould and baking soda to try and get rid of the newsprint stains from the tub after two of my children decided it would be fun to play with newspaper in the bath, and then locked themselves in with paper through their hair, crying as they realised what they'd done, and tried to clean it before we busted them.  I think I was still happy at that point.  I'll never get back that two hours of my life.

This is taken while covered in the baking soda mix, I was too traumatised to take photos of it in it's raw state.

But I will show you gladly, where we're NOT staying, only because the dates didn't quite work, thank gawd.

Because I don't do bad bathrooms or kitchens and in this particular place, the bathroom was the lesser evil of the two, even though it was pink and baby blue. And had a shower curtain. 

And I will show you the place we are temporarily moving to, and even though it has an unexpected lodger living in the rear, and has the world's worst parking, and I think may have a little negative spirit stuff going on (just a feeling, in one particular room).  This will be our haven for the next 1-2 months.  It's not all shite really.

My next post will be all about living life happily and dancing.  Oh I so want to dance.  And be nice.

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