Monday, May 7, 2012


I think that stress can be this nasty virulent parasite that once inside you, worms it's way around until you're in a state of quivering paralysis, looking at the same lists over and over again, screaming at your innocent babies, sitting numbly with glazed eyes looking at Facebook and generally not doing anything worthwhile to actually solve your stress.  Have you been here?
I'm flat smack in the middle of a stressful moment in my life.  And really, we all have our health and each other and there are so many out there, in a sooooo much worse situation than ourselves.  Perspective kid, I got me some now.
However, I acknowledge that this is a moment of stress, we need to find a roof to put over our heads - long story, I may bore you with the juicy bits one day.  But until then I need to ride this stress rather than fight it.  Because when I fight it, random white hot rage flows through my body when one of my boys doesn't pick up a sock, doesn't eat his breakfast fast enough or other nonsensical triggers that transform me into a hysterical banshee.  My banshee isn't pretty, nor very likeable, especially to her children, her husband and herself.
By fighting the stress I have achieved nothing apart from pushing issues around the table, watching the clock and the calendar countdown and writing scathing blog posts about poor retail service.  Yup, got my priorities all in the right order there.
Today is a new day.  I have three writing commitments, one I will nail quickly for my very patient client (hi Kristy), one that is checking in occasionally with you guys, and one that is big not so much in scale but in reputation and credibility.  I will give it a red hot go.  And if I don't get there, then I still have my health, we still have each other.  I am turning off my social media until a space has cleared, boxes are taped up, stories are printed off, and I will use this stress like a wave of adrenalin and focus.
I'm already feeling more productive.
What have you done to get through stress?

Post script: I'd like to be one of those people who the weight falls off in times of stress, unfortunately I'm not and am more likely to be found clutching a handful of biscuits to deal with it.


  1. Lisa, I grab the biscuits too - and I lose my shit over a lost sock - you are not alone. Oh and glazing over facebook - I know it OH too well.

    Wishing you productivity in this time of stress -- you can do it - xxx

  2. My stress response depends on the stressor. Client stress = chocolate. Extreme family stress = no eating, nervous diarrhoea (over-share?)

    A couple of weeks ago I had a client complain quite rudely and that made me grab the peanut M&Ms. My son was assaulted at a nightclub on the weekend (just some cuts and bruising thank goodness)- nervous stomach and nausea. I've found that doing a bit of yoga and focusing on the breathing really helps during times of extreme stress.

    I hope you get yours under control soon.