Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I'm so lucky to have such an amazing friend as Julie from Nomorepastrami, a website dedicated to giving back by finding gifts and services that, well... give back.
You know that old chestnut I crack on about living your best life, Nomorepastrami takes it a giant step forward and is all about helping others live their best life, when they haven't got the resources to do it themselves.
And we're on the same page about this for sure - how could you not be?  So we're putting a bit of a joint shout out, combining our energy, our passion, and you lot, to do...some good.  Simple.
You're going to love this ....

We want you to take the One Child Challenge and  click for a CURE. Your click will contribute $1 to life changing surgery on physically disabled children in the developing world. The surgery is arranged by CURE a non-profit Christian organisation that operates hospitals in 25 countries worldwide. It provides surgical treatment to phyically disabled children regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or the ability to pay.

It works like this – you read about the children that are waiting for surgery, click to ‘follow’ that child’s story, when you click ‘follow’ a CURE donor donates $1 to the cost of the surgery, you then receive an email about that child’s story, before, during and after the surgery. You will really see the impact of your ‘click’ for a cause. But the real impact of the click will be when you share that child’s story with your friends and get them to follow the child too – for every follow another $1 is donated, the more follows, the more money raised to contribute to the cost of the surgery.

Nomorepastrami and Giving Back Girl have decided to follow Mintesanew.  Mintesanew is only 5 years old and has clubfoot. He lives in Ethiopia where care for his condition is scarce. He doesn't get included with the other kids in the village because they don't understand his clubfeet, and they make fun of him. This has been his first time seeing an actual doctor about his condition.Thankfully, he is scheduled for surgery at CURE Ethiopia on Tuesday, Jul 10 but the cost of his operation is $1674 and so far $326 has been raised.

Nomorepastrami and Giving Back Girl would like to see a lot more money raised to help Mintesanew. So here is the challenge – click here to follow Mintesanew then share this post and Mintesanew’s story with your friends. Nomorepastrami and Giving Back Girl will follow the progress of Mintesanew and post updates on our facebook pages so you can stay in the loop (make sure you like us both on facebook to get the updates!).

The more friends we share it with the more money raised for Mintesanew’s surgery.

Because really when we think about it, as we sit in our cosy homes staring at our iMacs or fancy computers, this is the least we should be doing. Or perhaps the least we must be doing.
Just click folks. Lets help this little fella.

"If every one gives one thread, the poor man will have a shirt"

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