Sunday, June 10, 2012

Maybe it's the weather...

We've had a wet and miserable weekend, and even though the Little House we're staying is is deliciously cosy in this sort of weather, it's still ...a little too Little.  Even though we managed a wildly successful bush walk in the rain complete with thunderstorm, that's been the extent of our outings. So not only are we now all stir crazy but we're getting under each others feet, and lets say a little.....snippy.  There have been combinations of snippiness - brother vs brother, brother vs other brother, son vs The World, son vs father, son vs father (cont)...
Without wanting to have electronics on 24/7, we've resorted to the perennial favourite boardgames with "Trouble" featuring high on the playlist.  Bottle of red have been opened and warmed for late afternoon sundowners, book shelves have been scanned (how can a house have 5 bulging book shelves and I can't find one book I'm interested in) and CD racks have been flicked through to see if there is any overlap in the owners music taste and ours (not much).
While looking for music, I found an old favourite Tea for the Tillerman, by Cat Stevens. Lordy, that must be circa 2002, and a whole different chapter of my life (including very few of the characters as in this current chapter).  I found a song I loved, I played it loud over our soup and toast lunch.  I sang it louder.  And then I remembered an old ad there used to be on TV in NZ that featured it.

I found it on You Tube, and called my eldest over (who had been a common denominator in the brother vs brother/son vs father incidents).  We watched it together.  I gulped back tears.  He had a little sparkle of a tear quietly sitting in one corner of his. And the moment it finished he called out to his dad suggesting a game.

There's a different feel to our Little House now.

Do you like?

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  1. Love that song, always chokes me up. Cherish your stay in, kids grow up way too fast.