Monday, June 11, 2012

You spin me right round baby....

Nothing makes you feel your age more than a walk through the clothing shops at the mall and a look at the latest "on trend" know the same "on trend" looks that you sported 15 years ago.  You get?
This year for example we've seen the return of the tube skirt/dress, immortalised by Mrs Woog of Woogs World as the now classic "Condom Dress".  We've seen slash necked mullet tops (and now jumpers as it blends trans-season).  We've seen bright jeans - and no matter how much I want to my short stumpy legs will not be lengthened by a pair of turquoise or orange skinny jeans, nay I can only imagine I would be rocking a shorter, stumpier look.  Stick to black Lise, it's what you know.  And we've seen the baggy harem pant or saggy nappy look, I have to own up to this one, I so want it to work for me, but in moments of lucidity I know that harem pants and my body are not BFFs.
Now I'm seeing baggy, floaty tops returning.  For me, this is very 1997-8.  I layered condom skirts with layered tops, little ankle boots, and fitted blazers. In fact the other day, I picked up a floaty top off a rack and swore that the shop had been rifling through the Vinnies bin and picked it up from my ruthless wardrobe cleanse I had only a month ago.
What's the next move - if we did some crystal wardrobe-ball gazing, what would we see coming next so we can anticipate the trends and get there in all our glorious vintage 40 year old-ness, before everyone else.
Sadly for me, I think I departed the fashion stakes at the next junction and unexpectedly free fell into a world of stretch maternity jeans and over priced maternity tops.  And then having mysteriously popped on a teeny 27 extra kgs with Baby No1, it was a long time before I shopped at normal sized clothes stores again. Although before long, I was once again heading back to my old overstretched and over washed maternity clothes again for Baby No 2.  I can remember wearing crisp white stretch shirts tucked into skinny work pants with chunky suede high heels (and carrying a bright blue filofax)...nope I think that was pre-baby because it was a while before anything skinny graced my wardrobe again....

But lucky old me was clever enough to hang onto a particularly favourite pair of shoes.  I brought them in London from a shop with a name I loved (Jones). They're suede desert boots with a stacked heel and a slightly square toe. I loved them when worn with skinny jeans and a loose jumper and I love them again now  (when worn with skinny jeans and a loose jumper).  I've had ample opportunity for adding them to the Vinnies bags, but I never once was tempted.  I knew their time would come again.

Have you hung on to any clothing that has come back into fashion?  What looks do you hope we might see again soon. And more importantly ...are my shoes naff and I've got it completely wrong?


  1. Would you believe I'm loving that neon is back?!

    1. I've been trying to merge more colour into my monochromatic wardrobe of black. Perhaps neon may be taking it a smidge too far? Only you can work it Nikki!