Thursday, June 14, 2012

Life magnets

Don't you think there are some things in life that people are universally drawn to.  You know, the kind of things that stops people in their tracks, and make them pause a moment to watch.
I was out running yesterday and was tracking along a length of beaches because I live in the most stunning city in the world and I can, we've had 10 days of bad weather and the seas are big with huge smashing waves.  Along a particular stretch of pathway which is close to the sea,  people had just stopped, and were looking out to sea, mesmerised by the rolling, pounding surf.  It was universal, men in suits, mums with baby buggies, council workers, joggers....we all had stopped and watched.  And as I carried on, I ran along another stretch of beach, same again, people just looking out to see, transfixed.

Which got me thinking - what other "things" can you not help but stare at, like you're a magnet drawn to it.
I love low flying planes in the sky and the adrenalin buzz, why else do they get 747's "buzzing" stadiums during big sports events.  When The Husband and I were "dating" we used to go to a stretch of road near the end of an airport runway and stand outside the car as planes flew low over our heads.  Goosebumps.
The darkening sky of an approaching storm - the anticipation is delicious
Dolphins in the surf - one rainsoaked day a footpath of walkers and I stood watching a pod of dolphins gliding through the calm rain soaked surf - it felt like we'd experienced a little magic
Watching a heavy rain storm while cosy and dry inside - my 8 year old and I snuggled on a window seat over the weekend watching the rain, unable to tear our eyes away.

What else do you love to watch?


  1. Sleeping babies - there's nothing more beautiful.
    And my gorgeous new puppy who's almost on a par with sleeping babies.

    1. Oh you're so right Char, although i always felt like I'd wake my sleeping babies if i stared at them too much, and you know the rule, you never wake a sleeping baby!

  2. Love to watch the ocean - I can definitely understand the attraction! Sunset and a pink sky always keep me captivated, as does watching my girls when they're not watching me! Rapt to find your blog too x

    1. Hi Elisa, and thanks for dropping by my blog. Yup, I love a sunset too, and big BIG full harvest moons. Love that I've found your blog too x