Monday, June 18, 2012

You always want what you haven't got....

Did y'all know that after a fit of desperation I am now an "Organised Housewife".  I even have a list of daily jobs on my fridge and I've wiped the bathroom surfaces (including the loo!) for the last 2 days in a row.  Oh yes, I am on the road to recovery.  Lordy I may even turn into my mother and make my kids dust the skirting boards every second day (true story).

But while on the sniff for more ideas of awesomeness, I stumbled upon a life I will never live but one that I am more than happy to lust after. Holey moley guacamole, I am in luurve with this blog  It's an english chick who lives on the beaches near me, in what used to be disgusting 70's inspired cottage but which has now evolved into symphony of white and beige, of flowers (white) and milkjugs (white), of white linen and candle votives (beige/white), of artfully placed "bits" (mostly white, with some beige).  I want to be able to live here.  I want to have this white and beige life. And even though I want to let myself off the hook by arguing that she must have forked out a fortune to have created this level of fabulousness, truth is, she did it all on the teeniest of budgets and scoured junk shops, Vinnies, Ikea, Target and other places that I'm perfectly capable of scouring too.

Problem for me is (and always will be with houses that are just "so") is where is all the "stuff"?  You know, the school notes, the soccer socks, last Sundays newspapers, the shell with a dead sea creature inside it, the power bill, the power bill reminder, the yoghurt container from last night, the teaspoon from the yoghurt container from last night, the clothes drying rack, the homework folders, the flyspray where it was left after spraying a get me?  Where does all the stuff go in those gorgeous houses?  Do they actually....put it away?

So along with my Desperate Housewife List of Daily Jobs, I'm just going to also have a daily inspirational glance at this blog, and see if any beige and whiteness rubs off on me.

Here's a taste of the platform I'm working with...(and I've been kind to myself, and yes that is an empty skittles packet by my unmade bed)


But one area I'm having an immediate impact on is my blog.  Do. you like my new blog look?  I've parred back, decluttered, streamlined and tried to make it a little less goofy and a little more slicker and contemporary.  Of course I take no credit but will leave that all to my fabulous blog declutterer, Olena.

Righto, gotta make that bed and whisk up a slow cooker dinner before school pick ups.  I think I'm going through a life change.....


  1. Just don't change so much that i feel I have to pick my game up too. If you become a domestic goddess who will I relate to? Love the new look though and yes, one of my favourite blogs is but I think I would be a nervous wreck living in such a white house with my filthy family.

    1. I always wanted to be a role model for someone! Thanks Becci!

  2. baby steps my friend...

    you have the power

    oh and I just don't show you the empty skittle packets...I've always said that on my blog :-) ...there are three kiddos here ya know!


    p.s. slow cooker's rule :-))

  3. Don't feel bad about the skittles packet. I have it's almond M&M equivalent next to mine.

    I gave up my quest to have a tidy house the moment I had children. It almost killed my ADD self but I've learnt that there's a reason that kids rooms have doors - so you can shut them and save your sanity.