Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hand Holders

When you're out walking with your other half, do you naturally, without thought, hold each others hand, lovingly? Willingly?

Maybe it's my hand, or maybe it's the other halves I've chosen, but I can only get a hand hold if I've locked the other hand in a vice like grip, or if it's dark and noone can see us.  The total time of the hand hold is hmmm, maybe 15 seconds, and as my hand is released, I sense a gush of relief coming from The Husband as if "phew, that's done and dusted for another 3 weeks or until she remembers and whinges again".

Yesterday I saw an old couple walking ahead of me holding hands.  I think that one of my favourite sights (after my kids, storms coming, big waves.....) is seeing an old couple who are clearly adoring of each other, walking along holding hands.
I often whine in a irritating whiney voice at The Husband "I want us to be a couple who walk along the road holding hands when we're old, without thinking about it and with both of us wanting to be".  He always agrees, but what I really am meaning is "the start date is now Bucko, not like when we're "old", we have to practice this gig as CLEARLY it doesn't come naturally to us".

Because even though we may adore our partners and show our love in different less tactile ways, our ultimate goal is to grow old together right?  And I'm sure many of us said this in our wedding speeches.  But isn't there there something a little special about a relationship where you still need to touch each other and feel that connection through skin on skin, even when that skin is a little bit more wrinkly.

Are you a "hand holder"?


  1. I am not fussed one way or another with hand holding but my husband is a big time hand holder!! If we are walking together anywhere we are holding hands and I have to admit, I think it's kinda nice that he likes doing that!

  2. We do the hand holding thing too and its proved particularly helpful when I'm wearing heels!

  3. That old couple you saw may be in a new relationship - just because they're old doesn't mean that their relationship is. Or maybe one might just wander off if left to their own devices. My husband and I only hold hands very occasionally and it's never for long especially in summer when your hands can get really sweaty.