Thursday, October 25, 2012

Just a warning...

So theres two parts to my day - the writing part, where I explore stuff and think about things, and then there's the other part of my life, which is all about my normal life, when I'm not thinking about things or being thoughtful.  This is the part of my life that's about  running the house and my boys lives, being fit, being a friend, being helpful, being a wife and all the other bits that are mine.
And there is ooodles and oodles going on in my life.  You've all probably figured out that I'm going to India in  hmmm .... two weeks.  Geez Louise that's friggin soon, especially as we only have 4 confirmed hotels out of the 6 we need, although I struggle to call a $30 per night place, a hotel, I'm sure that may be stretching things a little.  If I thought too much about what I need to do before I go, then I would be lying on the floor in foetal position right now.  Instead I spent some precious time tonight watching Dance Moms, because I thought that would help. It did a little.

We're lucky that every year my in-laws very very kindly come over from NZ and babysit our babies for a couple of weeks so The Husband and I can go somewhere we wouldn't normally go with the kids.  I think apart from adventure touring through Afghanistan or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, India is right up there with hard places to do.  My in-laws are doing it a little tough at the moment so I am deeply deeply grateful to them stepping out of all the important stuff they are dealing with and coming over so we can indulge our whimsy.  For this reason I need to make lists, I need to get home stuff organised, I need to subdued the mother guilt for leaving my fellas (and I won't even go there with how tough it is to leave them).  On the first trip we ever did like this I created what has become the longest rod for my own back - I make an advent calendar thingee so the boys can count down the days until we get back.  In Year One it had love notes from us, or photos or Freddo frogs, but as the guilt weighs, I have got a little more sophisticated with what goes in to the calendar each day with movie tickets, book vouchers, McDonalds money and other goodies - lets just say Christmas arrives early in my house for my boys this year, but everyone, including the grandparents swear by it, it's part of the routine of us being away so why mess with a winning formula.  And to add to everything I have a handful of exciting stories due before I leave that haven't been started yet, and the Husband is away for a week so I am solo parenting.  I'm guessing major school projects x 3 boys will come home this weekend.

And of course I'm on the crazy Trip Advisor roller coaster that I find myself on each time I travel.  If you want a glimpse of my life take a look at this old post, and this one  and even this one and where it says another country's name, just insert "India", the rest of it is pretty much exactly as you read it...again.

So I apologise if my blog posts are a little sporadic or a bit zoned out, I promise I'll make it up when I'm back.  You always know I'm good for a decent travel disaster story, and I imagine India, the dodgey accomodation, the cat sized rats, the bhang lassi, the wandering cows, the squat loo's and me, will all provide plenty of material.

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  1. Wow, how exciting! India is on my list. I think it's a good one to go without the kids to!!! x