Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Social Observation

In my quiet suburban life where my quiet days are busy with writing and exercise and house stuff, punctuated either end with the madness that is 3 boys, the buildup to christmas is so markedly different from The Husband's.
I'm writing lengthy To Do lists, calming Year 6 emotions, researching stories, remembering what days fairy bread and plastic plates need to be taken to school and managing the family social diary.  And then of course there's the dreaded trips to the mall.

The Husband put on his "going out" clothes to go to work today.  The jeans, jacket, nice shirt combo that can carry him from a collection of morning meetings to a long Christmas lunchy thing to after work drinks to a very boozy dinner - with all of them blending into the same.  And as I popped quickly to the bakery for lunch bread early this morning, I saw men (and women) looking just like The Husband, with their good "Friday" clothes on and an air of expectation of a good day.  All with that excited anticipation of a few drinks, a bit of well deserved socialness, the knowledge that they don't need to be home for pizza and a movie with the kids at 7pm before a busy weekend.

Me?  I was in my uniform of shorts, thongs and a singlet.  My writing clothes, my mummsy clothes.  And I don't begrudge this one bit, although maybe I'm a smidge envious for those city days, that first glass of white wine, that feeling of corporate christmas'ness.
I can remember my last christmas buildup while working with a bunch of fabulous people.  I had a 9 month old, a nanny, two big boys, and a job I loved.  The christmas function rolled around, I managed a late pass - the Husband would relieve the nanny and I didn't need to leave work and our function at 4.35 for the 4.45 train as normal.  I got on one of those unstoppable highs, I was everywhere, in every photo, I introduced "The Walk©" to the dance floor. The youngsters I worked with were like "Lisa's staying!" because Lisa always left.

I miss those days, especially at this time of year.  And even though I could prattle on about all the stuff of my life now that is obvious like how much I love my job, my kids, my friends and my life, fact is, I miss those days.

Do you love this time of year?  What's your christmas social buildup?


  1. I love this time of year and am lucky enough to have quite a long break, but the people around me only get a few days, which in a funny way makes it feel even less like Christmas. Just me on my lonesome doing Christmassy things for myself.

  2. I hear you! Life was so different then! I sometimes miss corporate me too. Of course I wouldn't change the way things are for the world. But life had a freedom then that just doesn't (can't) happen now. I think it's natural to reminisce. I am loving this Christmas though - first time my big girl (three years) gets it! xx

  3. I hear you! Sometimes I miss corporate me too. Life just had so much freedom then that doesn't exist (can't exist) now. I think it's natural to reminisce, not that I would ever wish for things to be different xx

  4. I miss those days of celebrating with workmates in the city and the swanky parties (our company held a Ball at the end of each year) but after kids I went back to work in a local job with school hours and parties are few. At least my kids are a bit older now and my husband works for himself so I'm lucky to be able to accept any invitations that do come my way. Not that there's many......