Wednesday, December 19, 2012

To Do.....

Sorry for my lack of blog'iness, sometimes life throws you curveballs and they provide a little pause and a little perspective.  It's a mad time of year, why do everyone squish so much before one day happens.  We all know that shops will be open on Boxing day, and petrol stations on Christmas Day.  Life doesn't stop.  In fact maybe we need a few days like this splodged intermittently throughout the year so stuff gets done more than just once a year, and at the end of it.

It's the time of year where people start writing out To Do lists that they squash into their handbags as they head to the mall, or leave on the bench beside a lengthy grocery list that's usually a work in progress with items added to it hourly.  Our To Do lists are life lines for keeping control of the frazzle that becomes our life at this time of year.

I'm trying an alternative approach.  Here's my Alternative To Do list:

To Do

  1. Make a massive sandcastle with a moat
  2. Do an ocean swim (if you could bottle how you feel afterwards you'd be a squillionaire)
  3. Lie in bed in the morning and read my book.
  4. Lie in bed at night and read my book.
  5. Go for a drive in the country to find sheep.
  6. Turn on my favourite songs and dance.  Also remember to sing loudly.
  7. Walk in a pine forest and pick up pinecones.
  8. Stand outside at night and look at the stars
  9. Look for heart shaped rocks
  10. Google random stuff on the computer and learn something new
  11. Stand in a bookshop for a long time
  12. Have a piece of toast with sliced tomato and a sprinkling of sugar
  13. Share a secret (see above)
  14. Do something kind and unexpected
  15. Smell a big bunch of mint
  16. Have a cold drink in a tall glass with icecubes that clink

What would you put on your To Do list?

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