Monday, March 11, 2013


I love writing this little blog, and I stand with my hand on my heart and apart from the odd extreme piece of fluff, I've been proud of everything I've written on here.  Hand on my heart proud.

In my real world I write.  I think of ideas, I pitch them, my stories get accepted, they get rejected, I write them, I jump with glee when I see my words online or in print.  Especially if it's glossy and in newsagents where I catch a glimpse and my heart skips a little.  And I'm even more proud of the words I write there, because I put my big girl pants on, and write with zero fluff (which actually does require a little effort).

You see here's my problem.

The air waves are filled to breaking point with bloggers.  People write about everything and anything.  People read about everything and anything.

And then they form very quick, very uninformed opinions about things.  And become 'experts' about topics that really, most would admit, they're not an expert on.  And for me, it's not about those that write the words, it's more about the gullibility and naiveity of those that read it, and don't go away and do their own research and their own thinking, and their own opinion forming.  They read the words of the non-experts and take them for gospel.

Reading blogs and thinking that's it, is frankly a smidge lazy in my eyes.
Normally I just sigh, whinge a bit and just get on.  But yesterday I read a few things that made my blood boil.

A very popular and successful women's website put a piece about how one of the men charged in that horrific rape in India had committed suicide.  The story was not an opinion, just stating the facts.  Yet, like in a witch hunt, they came running "Good riddance", "I want to "like" this many times over", "he got what he deserved", "bring back the death penalty" - blah, blah, blah emotional uninformed bullocks.  I couldn't help it, and added my "shame on you, it's a life people", and the backlash at me started.  You see these people probably think I support the man, which I don't, but the fact was a life has been lost, regardless of circumstances, and the hounds are out, baying for blood and dancing around the corpse of someone's son or father, husband or friend.  Which is a hideous side of human nature I'd rather not see.

My blog is my happy place, it's my place for my own thoughts.  I'll never claim to be an expert, I'll never write a post then try and squeeze it into a sponsored product post (because these are surely the most painful thing to read ever).  I'll just keep doing my thing here.  And be true to myself.  I know there is a zillion of us out there, and I know that you have a choice.

Thanks for making the choice to pop by today.


  1. Good points, and I'm sorry you copped that backlash. I think it shows the beautiful person you are, in that you can see both sides when such a confronting story is presented and are not quick to juddge. I think as bloggers all we have is our true voice. Elisa x

    1. Oh you are so sweet Elisa, thank you! It's always a little dodgy risking the bad blog demons by putting a less than safe piece out there. I've been playing too carefully lately!

  2. The reason why i love you is that you are zero fluff. There is such danger in the ill-informed talking about global truths because the ways in which we say things can have profound effects on others - I watched a child psych debate on morning tele yesterday (I was in the hosp waiting room, so I was allowed) liken a mums mother/daughter outfit range to possible child sexual exploitation. Even those qualified shouldn't speak if they dont have both sides of the story.

    In my old life I said no to every media story where someone asked me to talk about people - we dont have permission to tell all the stories. Professionalism means turning down a job if ethically its not right.

    1. Absolutely and thanks for sharing your thoughts Sarah, because ironically, you more than most, has the knowledge and experience to comment. Oversharing and over commenting seems to be endemic of our lives today. Less is more right?

  3. This thing you call fluff is why I love to always read your blog. I guess because I'm an expert on absolutely nothing and think that anybody that rants and raves about somebody else's life without regard is just as bad as those dark old middle ages where they would come after you with lit torches because you have differing opinions - thinking witch hunts and Frankenstein's monster here.
    Anyway, keep fluffing on, we love it!