Thursday, March 21, 2013


I'm sorry I've been quiet, this week has been odd.  There has been much sadness and love for reasons that are none of my business but which have affected me deeply and sadly.  Sometimes you just have a week where the lemons thrown are sour and simply can't be turned into lemonade.  This has been a week like that.

But what I do know is that amongst the bad stuff, you see glimmers of good.  I don't know if I have been more keenly looking this week, but I have felt little moments of light, that in any other time I wouldn't have even slightly noticed.

Do you think sometimes your heart is more fine-tuned to find things that will help it recover a little.   That it knows it needs.  That it knows will help.

Yesterday I was finishing a run at only the goddamn most beautiful beach in the whole wide world on a glorious sunny day - boom, there are some wins just there.  A woman passed me pushing a baby buggy.  And she was eating a massive Ben and Jerry's icecream in a chocolate dipped cone.   At 10.30 in the morning. In the sun. She could have been me, she looked like me, and she'd decided to have an icecream.  I loved this.

Then later, I was getting my car from a car park under some trees.  It was lunchtime'ish and in the car beside me was sitting an old dear, with her windows down, in the sunshine, eating a pie while reading a magazine leaning up against her steering wheel.  And she looked so content.

This is random, you know you often have to accept the random here at my blog.  But don't you think, that sometimes the random can provide some saneness and hope that there can be happiness, when you think it's impossible.

I'm escaping the city this weekend to find some grass and sky.  I'm also going to find some moments of light.

Have you experienced any moments of light when you think it can only be dark.


  1. It's lovely how you find the same perfection in mundane moments that I do. If only I can remember by the time I get home!
    *Love the heart flowers above*

    1. Thanks Becci, it's so easy to rush life and not notice these little moments. The flowers are so gorgeous, they look staged but they weren't which makes it even more perfect x