Monday, March 25, 2013

Who are the "biggest losers"?

My boys have started watching The Biggest Loser.  Accidentally.  I don't think I'm ok with it.  On autoplay I do the positive glass half full "yes these people are big but at least they're doing something about it."  And they are.  But this is extreme.  My husband and I try and be good role models for our kids, we eat healthily with treats, we exercise, we make sure exercise is part of our kids lives.  So they know that eating well and exercising is the norm.  And I say this knowing that most of you reading this do exactly the same thing, and probably more.  This is not rocket science.

I tried explaining the simple concept of calories in/calories out to my boys, but lost them quickly when I tried explaining that "calorie" was a measure of energy (and I may have actually made that part up).  Isn't it simple? You eat well, you do plenty of moving and somewhere in the middle it all balances out into a healthy person. And there are times when I'm glad I have boys and that I probably won't be faced with all the stuff that mum's of girls have to filter, to protect their innocence and their self esteems.

Like when I saw this on one of those spamming group buying emails that seem to clog my inbox

Get Rid of Stubborn Cellulite! Only $49 for a Non-Invasive Ultrasound Fat Cavitation Session (Valued at $400), $99 for Three Sessions (Valued at $700) or $139 for Five Sessions (Valued at $1000). Target Love Handles, Thighs and More. Plus Receive an Expert Consultation

WTF is fat cavitation?  It sounds like a made up word, and it certainly doesn't sound comfortable, nor capable of working miracles.

There seem to be so many excuses not to get off your bum and do the hard work yourself.  Miracle treatments, mud wraps 5:2 diets,  - no doubt, all largely fads and not very successful ones at that.  There aren't many better feelings that completing a hard run, gym class, swim, walk or whatever your choice of exercise is.  My doctor once advised me that as I am on the slippery slope to pre-menopausal symptoms, that exercise will be one of the best preventions and if need be remedy for dealing with times when you think you're being smothered by all the turkeys.  And there is even a medical name for it - endorphins.  If you've never experienced them then get moving for a while and you'll catch on.  Endorphins are the bodies invention for the gain at the end of the pain.

So my blood boils a little when I see extreme solutions to extreme situations.  Don't get there in the first place.  Move lots, eat healthy, be healthy.  Then you can save the money you might have spent on "fat cavitation" on something a whole lot more fun.

Am I preaching to the converted?

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