Monday, February 11, 2008

Ants in the letterbox

So ants rate up there as vermin I hate - nothing worse than opening your pantry door and seeing a sea of black, then feeling tempted to spray wildly but realising that it's food your spraying - which ends up having to be binned anyway.

I get the occasional ant in my letter box, I've even had a snail attached to my very, very important trademark approval letter (and the snail had eaten a good chunk of my letter too - I'm too grossed out to actually file it now). Actually snails rate third in my Most Hated Wildlife list behind maggots #1, and cockroaches #2, but then if you've read my earlier posts you'd know why.

Yesterday I went to get the mail, and there was an ant "swarm" in my letterbox - totally, totally gross. Of course I emptied a tin of flyspray into it, and the problem was quickly sorted. Or was it? I now have a letterbox fill and covered in dead ants. I can't wash it out coz the insides of letterboxes never see any sunshine to dry, the vacuum cord won't reach so that won't work. And it looks revolting - I'm sure our postie will be talking in the smoko room about "..that gross letterbox covered in dead ants, and why didn't that dizzy woman just let the ants eat whatever they were eating and then move on, instead of emptying a tin of spray on them?"

Suggestions or commiserations appreciated

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  1. If I didn't know you so well I would suggest just putting on your rubber gloves and wiping them away with a wet cloth - I think that between those boys - one of them has to find the idea of dead ants in a letter box quite cool, so bribe them with chocolate or extra train time to do it for you.