Sunday, February 17, 2008


Feeling very blah on the work front. Got a roadblock and it's getting bigger. I can't blame anyone apart from myself and my "work it out as I go along" strategy. I'd love to blame my schoomzy Discount Dan who in a mentoring session had promised me the reverse of what is actually the case. But I can't as I should have known this before it got to this stage.

So feeling a bit grumpy and a bit hmmmph. And I don't feel like actually doing anything apart from cruising trashy webstuff, but I always feel a bit yuck after doing that too. Maybe I'll go and eat. Actually I've got to pick Moo up in 20 mins so no point doing anything.
Crikey what a sad sack I am!

Just thought I'd post this to show there are lots of blah moments doing this as well as fabulous ones.

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