Sunday, February 17, 2008

I've worked it out!

I think I'm feeling so crap because I look like crap today, I've got this really bad pair of short things on that I've recently brought but which are such a bad design that even though they said they were a small size (which is why I bought them), must be cut so badly that they are always hanging down by my knees, and with the baggy pants I'm wearing an atrocious APRICOT (!!!) top that I bought on ebay (from an excellent brand) but still it's apricot. And my hair, well where do I start? Also I have been sitting for the last two hours beside my old breakfast bowl with a small puddle of smelly old bran flakes in it. Discount Dan has just called me to prepare me for our next mentoring session where we are going to talk about writing copy and how he has this excellent person who for a smidge of a price can write all my copy for me. NO!!! I LOVE writing the copy, but I detest dealing with the processes and roadblocks. And my clever entrepreneurial friend had warned me about the cross sell habits of Discount dan. I am prepared.

Righto, I'm going to get changed and this avo, a whole new me will be at my desk! Without the apricot top or the bran flakes.

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